The Mount of Olives

Why Urban Farming?

The Mount of Olives will seek to breathe life and hope into areas that have suffered decades of abandonment and disinvestment here in the city of Pittsburgh and around the world. Our goal locally, is to bring awareness to the younger generation in the inner city regarding urban farming, and to highlight the practical life skills that can be obtained through agriculture. We look to provide a positive outlet through urban farming, where the youth can learn to live a more substantial and healthier lifestyle, and also to help identify their areas of interest, when it comes to their professional careers as they get older. We seek to apply skill, critical thinking, strategic planning, market sense, and a vast network of trusted partners, to establish urban farming as the catalyst for economic growth and development in the communities that we are looking to serve.

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The money will be going towards:

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Farming Equipment

New and used farming equipment.

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Urban Farming Initiative

Hydro and Aquaponic system.

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Operation and Maintenance

Cultivating and developing designated land.

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