The Mount of Olives


The immediate goal for the Mount of Olives is to expand into developing countries and begin working with the local farmers to raise awareness on effective practices and techniques in the agricultural sector. In addition to assisting the local farmers, we will be looking to develop sustainable living within the region through state of the art technology.


We seek to provide sufficient renewable energy and water treatment solutions in developing countries, that will be used to assist the communities that are in dire need. The Mount of Olives will also look to sponsor a number of students each year with a quality education, that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to receive due to inadequate funds.

We'll continue to support the agricultural and professional needs of many low income families both domestically and internationally, which will help us successfully accomplish our mission in "Changing the world, one life at a time!"


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The money will be going towards:

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Farming Equipment

New and used farming equipment.

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Urban Farming Initiative

Hydro and Aquaponic system.

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Operation and Maintenance

Cultivating and developing designated land.

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