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In order to lead a long and healthy life, you need to follow a nutritious diet. But for people in food deserts, accessing these healthy foods can be challenging. They might live far away from grocery stores that offer all of the foods and ingredients they need and also lack the funds or resources necessary to access them. This is where urban farming comes into play.

Urban farms breathe life into these underserved communities by allowing members to grow and cultivate their own nutritious foods. Many members of these communities remain active participants in the community farm to ensure everyone can enjoy a healthy lifestyle. 

However, urban farming is not the only method people can invest in to ensure the health of their community members. Along with the benefits of urban farming, members can also benefit from the community efforts we are featuring in our latest article. Check them out now!

1. Start an Urban Farm for Everyone to Help Cultivate

The benefits of urban farming are plentiful and should be shared with all members of the community

man overlooking farm
Urban farming empowers low-income communities and gives them access to nutritious foods. 

Starting a new urban farm in your community can sound intimidating. But with some help and determination, you can successfully build one. When starting out, there are a number of tasks you need to focus on such as:

  • Analyzing your soil conditions to determine how much fertilizer is needed per crop
  • Adding compost to the soil to help it retain nutrients and water
  • Investing in organic fertilizer to fight off harmful organisms
  • Researching your microclimate conditions to determine what plants you can and cannot grow in your urban farm

In order to make the process as organized and seamless as possible, you should also focus on recruiting local community members to help it grow and flourish. By building an urban farm, you are helping the members of your community grow closer to each other. 

2. Donate to the Mount of Olives

Help other communities enjoy the benefits of urban farming by donating to the Mount of Olives

two kids holding a large branch
Help the Mount of Olives provide farming equipment and aquaponic systems to communities that are starting their urban farming efforts.

Once you have set the foundation for your community’s urban farm, it’s time to help others do the same! One way you can help is by donating to the Mount of Olives. There are a lot of things we need your help with. Our overall fundraising goal is $50,000. With this money, we plan to:

  • Purchasing new and refurbished farming equipment
  • Building hydro and aquaponic systems
  • Cultivating and developing designated land for farming

Any donation, no matter how big or small it is, brings us one step closer to achieving our goal!

3. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

Lend a helping hand to your local soup kitchen to help ensure members of your community are fed

soup kitchen
Have some spare time? Volunteer at your local soup kitchen!

Soup kitchens are designed to serve anyone who shows up — no questions asked. They are wonderful resources for anyone struggling with homelessness or who are dependent on food stamps. Offering your time and energy to soup kitchens can be extremely rewarding. Not only are you making a difference in someone’s life, but you are helping the overall health of your community. Volunteering at a soup kitchen is also a great opportunity for meeting like-minded people and making new friends.  

4. Organize Free Nutrition Courses

Teach members of your community healthy eating habits and nutrition

person preparing salad
Teaching community members proper nutritional advice and information can help them live healthier lives. 

With fad diets and suspicious products claiming to cause dramatic weight loss rising in popularity, it can be difficult to distinguish between healthy nutrition tips and harmful ones. Families working with a low-income budget may also struggle with figuring out how to properly feed their children without breaking the bank. While some people are able to afford personal nutritionists or attend wellness seminars, this privilege does not extend to everyone.

If you have a professional background experience in nutrition or you know someone who does, consider hosting a free nutrition seminar for members of your community! During this seminar, you can cover:

  • Tips for living frugally
  • Information on food assistance programs like SNAP or WIC
  • Advice for building and maintaining your community farm

5. Shop Local

Invest in your community by supporting local businesses

fruits and vegetables

Invest in the efforts of your community by shopping local. 

Economically investing in your community by shopping local is also important. For instance, many communities with urban farms set up their own market stands that carry fruits, vegetables, and other nutritious ingredients. Make sure you support them the next time you go grocery shopping! Shopping at other local stores like clothing shops and family-owned restaurants can also bring life back into your beloved community. 

The benefits of urban farming are plentiful. By investing in these efforts, you can help eliminate food deserts from impoverished areas. Members of all ages in the community will benefit greatly from the healthy fruits and vegetables that are now available to them.

Are you interested in giving back to other underserved communities both locally and abroad? Donate to the Mount of Olives today!

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Donate now

Donations start from $25 USD. 
You decide whether it's a single donation or a monthly donation.

Take action

Create an opportunity for individuals to start making a difference in their lives.

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